Nothing Happens Until A Sale Is Made

A lack of sales is the number one reason businesses close. Sadly, small business owners and entrepreneurs are often ineffective salespeople and sales managers.

Until they meet Mark Deutsch.

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An author (with Dr. Ivan Misner) of the National Best-Seller Building the Ultimate Network, Mark personally conducts over 100 sales, marketing, and networking training sessions per year. Mark has been a successful sales professional, sales manager, and entrepreneur for the past 20 years, focusing primarily on the healthcare and medical industry. “WOW” is the word most used to describe Mark Deutsch. His blend of humor, practical experience, and passion for profit makes him one of the most dynamic speakers you’ll book this year.

Here’s what you get when you book Mark:

  • Audience members equipped with tools that directly result in better relationships, higher closing ratios, and more revenue
  • Guaranteed sales results for your audience
  • Focused and motivated audience members
  • Follow up with the audience after the event for maximum retention
  • Huge numbers of”thank you!” for you

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Whether learning about such topics as “Building YOUR Ultimate Network,” “How to Increase Sales in a Sluggish Economy,” or “How to Plan An Entire Year In 20 Minutes,” your audience will walk away from their time with Mark knowing exactly what their next step is to double their sales and profitability.

Your audience will be motivated, focused, and driving more sales than they ever thought possible. And when they win, you do, too.

Mark’s Biography

To book Mark Deutsch for speaking or workshops or for more information, LET’S TALK.


Testimonials / Recommendations

If you’d like to hear what some of my clients have had to say about working with me, here are a few comments … for a more complete listing of recommendations, please have a look at my LinkedIn profile HERE.

al strickler“Mark spoke at our VBA [Virginia Biomedical Association] 18th Annual Meeting and Symposium to a select group of manufacturers. His content and material provided exceptional takeaway value in regards to applicable sales tools that could be immediately implemented. Mark’s experience also connected very well with our audience and we are still receiving rave reviews of his presentation. I would recommend Mark to speak at any event.”
-Al Strickler, Owner, Strickler Medical / VBA Vendor Coordinator

Suzanne Stewart“Mark Deutsch is wonderful. He was the guest speaker at my 2nd Annual Association Expo last year in Williamsburg, Virginia. His topic for the day was social media. The audience fell in love with him. Mark’s character is outstanding and his knowledge and passion for networking is phenomenal. Mark is excellent at suggesting social media choices that will definitely suit your needs. If you are looking for someone who is the guru…Mark Deutsch is the man.”
-Suzanne Stewart, Sr. Account Executive – Associations, Optima Health

Jeanne WallsListening to Mark Deutsch is both inspirational & entertaining!!!!! Inspirational because I always learn from him. Entertaining….because he can hold the attention of his audience. I’ve had the opportunity to be in several of Mark’s training classes an also worked closely with him planning an event. His topics are always timely, well written & professionally presented. As an entrepreneur…I truly respect & admire Mark. He IS an entrepreneur…Mark’s “been there…done that” & he knows what he’s talking about! Mark’s not just a talking head…”
-Jeanne Walls, President & Owner, JWalls Ink!

Robert T. YoungbloodMark Deutsch Gets Results! Mark and I first met in 2008 during a National Speakers Association meeting in Richmond, Virginia. I noticed that we had many things in common, however the one quality that Mark possess that interested me the most was the fact that he was a Sales Expert. Mark has taught me that sales is more than just attempting to get your product in the hands of the end user. He taught me that one must build a connection that leads to a relationship with your potential customers. In developing that link, one is able to become a Sales Magnet and attract business to themselves. When it comes to business, I truly believe its important to listen to people who have the “fruit on the tree” and I can truly say that Mark has set an excellent example of a man who maintains High Integrity, Professionalism and keeps his priorities in order. Mark is a Great Asset to anyone who aspires to be a better Sales Professional. He definitely gets results!”
-Robert T. Youngblood, Owner & General Manager, Platinum Gift Solutions

Jim Bullock“I had the opportunity and pleasure to attend three classes taught by Mark for the Project Richmond GATE program: Marketing, Networking and Mastering Sales Magnetism. Mark’s mastery of these subjects and his ability to convey to his students the essence of course materials places him in the highest echelon of business professors. His enthusiasm for both business development and teaching made each class a rewarding experience. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who is serious about learning skills necessary to start and develop a successful business. Connect with Mark today!”
-Jim Bullock, Owner, Relationship Manager,

Tom Childrey“Having known Mark for many years when the opportunity to work with him came about I was happy to jump in. The scope of Mark’s expertise in helping my firm define and actualize our Bull’s Eye Market has been very successful. I highly recommend Mark and Elephant University to serious business professionals.”
-Tom Childrey, Vice President & COO, VEP Systems


Helena RichardsonMark is an amazing resource and a wealth of information in the area of Business Marketing. He has an incredible list of resources, ideas, support and programs to start any business owner on the right path of marketing their business. He helped me learn how to market my business and services more effectively to expand my client base. He made sure I understood my vision, my mission, the services I offer, and my client demographics, he gave me numerous recommendations specific to my business. I highly recommend Mark Deutsch to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.”
-Helena Richardson, CEO, HRichNetWorks, L.L.C.

Daulton West, Jr.“Mark understands the benefits of target marketing and networking that benefit small businesses and does an outstanding job of sharing his vast knowledge, insights, and recommendations in a classroom setting. Mark is truly an expert in his field, a thought leader, and a “must have” valuable resource for your marketing team. I highly recommend his work to anyone looking to take marketing and sales to the next level for their business.”
-Daulton West, Jr., President,

Ted Kopp“Mark was my instructor for a class on Mastering Sales Magnetism. Mark taught this class as part of the Richmond GATE program. He did an excellent job of teaching the course, which is particularly important to me because of my desire to market my business’ services successfully. He presented the course material with both enthusiasm and clarity. In particular, I found the human relationship information very useful. I thoroughly recommend Mark to anyone who is interested in improving their business marketing and networking skills!”
-Ted Kopp, President, pcLearning4U

Gus Iurillo“My business comes primarily from referrals and no referral source has produced as many high-quality referrals and as consistently as my BNI chapter. Under Mark Deutsch’s stewardship of the Central VA BNI region, he and his team have helped more business owners and sales professionals achieve their dreams of financial independence, through their proven system of networking and building strategic relationships. In personally getting to know Mark, I have found him to be someone of high integrity who is always proactively looking for ways to improve members’ value that they receive from BNI. I personally recommend him as someone of high integrity and value creation and BNI as the best means of helping sales professionals and business owners to grow their business.”
-Gus Iurillo, Multi-unit Franchise Owner, The Entrepreneur’s Source

Michelle Braden“I have had the privilege of working with Mark through BNI and the Business Networker. Mark is excellent with connecting individuals and businesses to help them grow and develop. The resources he makes available to entrepreneurs, sales people and leaders are not only outstanding, but necessary in our market if you want to succeed. Mark has a keen business sense that is beneficial to those who are looking to grow their business. I highly recommend Mark and BNI to professionals wanting to develop themselves and their organization.”
-Michelle Braden, President, MSBCoach

Barty Bryant“During the time that Mark has owned Central Virginia BNI, he has worked to improve both the internal systems and the member services offered by BNI in this area. He’s done an outstanding job reconfiguring the organization to a single end: to make Central Virginia BNI a stronger organization and one that offers greater value to the business members that his organization serves. To list the changes and improvements that he has made would take far too long. Knowing Mark as I do, I know that he’s not finished. For him, improving the organization is a ongoing goal, not something to be reached and merely celebrated. There is no top to his mountain.”
-Barty Bryant, Account Manager, CardPayment Solutions a division of iPayment

Bill Schwartz“Mark has done an excellent job of handling details, adding new concepts/value to the membership, and professionally managing the Central Virginia BNI referral networking organization. He maintains a positive and encouraging attitude while flavoring his conversation/teachings with humor. A delight to work with.”
-Bill Schwartz, Owner, Gotcha Covered Window Fashions

Steve Weingarten“Mark and I have known each other since he has taken over the reins of the BNI Central Virginia region several years ago. Since that time he has brought an immense amount of enthusiasm, stewardship and fresh ideas to the region. He is always available for your questions or concerns and will make sure you get a satisfactory answer. His contributions and recommendations are consistent & dependable and he is always willing to serve. As President of my own BNI chapter, it is very comforting to know you have this type of support available to you should the need ever arise. I will look forward to working with Mark again in the future as well.”
-Steve Weingarten, Sales Manager, Tactics Branding

David Wilson“Since coming on board as Executive Director of BNI Central VA, Mark has put the necessary systems in place to ensure the organization runs as the business it was meant to be. I get nothing but positive feedback in my travels from other BNI members about the positive changes and how they have impacted their businesses and their lives. Thanks, Mark.”
-David Wilson, President, ProTech Payment Systems

Chris Galiffa“We have worked together on several of his ventures and I always look forward to our interactions. He is probably one of the most driven people I have ever worked with and I feed from his energy when I am working with him. Thanks Mark!”
-Chris Galiffa, Owner, PowerPlay Marketing Solutions


Lisa Ritchie“When I first met Mark in 2007, my impression was that he is a man who knows how to get things done. After seeing him in action as Executive Director of BNI Central Virginia and Managing Editor of The Business Networker, I know he is definitely that and much more. Mark is a leader who does so by example and lives the BNI philosophy “Givers Gain”. By doing so, he has built Central Virginia BNI into an organization to which business people are flocking. Mark is a skilled speaker who lives in the “real” business world and his expertise in word-of-mouth marketing is unmatched in our area. I am proud to call Mark a mentor, business partner, and friend.”
-Lisa Ritchie, Marketing & Recruitment Manager, Virginia Brokerage Solutions

Billy HoffmanMark has created an excellent atmosphere for BNI in Central Virginia. He has a great ability to present the BNI structure from the perspective of the small business owner. I strongly encourage decision makers who are focused on growing their business in Central Virginia to consider BNI as part of their marketing and advertising plan. BNI has helped my business by connecting me to a large network of professionals. Those relationships have naturally turned into additional revenue for my company. I am grateful for my 5 years in BNI Central Virginia.”
-Billy Hoffman, Owner, Hoffman Imaging Studios

Susan JohnsonMark is a great manager who knows when to manage and when to watch. I was hired as a marketing manager who needed some direction but not too much. I was excited about achieving the revenue goals and developing great partnerships with key physicians and administrators in the area. Mark coached me along the way and I can only say that he will help others the same way.”
-Susan Johnson, Marketing Manager, OrthoVirginia – West End Orthopaedic Clinic

John Cole Scott“Mark has been a valued resource for many years. He is extremely well connected, driven, and community minded. His experience at running numerous businesses and earning the trust of many people has enabled him numerous opportunities and allies in the Greater Richmond Area. Simply, if you don’t know him, you should.”
-John Cole Scott, Executive Vice President, Closed-End Fund Advisors

Phil PattonI would highly recommend Mark. Mark has a wealth of professional experience. He knows how businesses grow. I suggest you read his articles on networking in the Business Networker. He is in demand as a keynote speaker where he educates his audience and they always get excellent take away advice.”
-Phil Patton, President, GetYourITstart