About Mark

Mark is a Sales/Marketing/Networking Expert ~ Speaker ~ Trainer ~ Fractional Exec. ~ Serial Entrepreneur ~ Micro-Lender.

Often called “The PROFIT” (ala Marcus Lemonis) or the “Unofficial Mayor” of Richmond because of his passion for small business success and because he is told that he seems to know everyone in town, Mark delivers results..

He works with SMALL & FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESSES to make sure they succeed, since they are the backbone of our economy.

Mark has experienced mature companies, acquisitions, rapid growth, and miserable failure. He’s a co-author (with Dr. Ivan Misner) of the best-seller Building the Ultimate Network and personally delivers over 100 PRESENTATIONS A YEAR. Mark has started, co-founded, or operated more than a dozen companies ranging from a medical billing software company to a diagnostic imaging provider to a sales recruiting firm. He currently advises multiple startups and rapid growth companies, and serves as a mentor for several dozen others.

Mark graduated from the the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) and received an MBA from Averett University (the Harvard of Danville, VA). He is married to Henly Dawson Deutsch, they have two very active young boys, Jack & Davis, and they live in the Richmond, Virginia (RVA) area.

FYI – Mark’s last name is pronounced DOYCH [since that is not one you see everyday]

Here are a few of the companies / projects Mark is actively involved with:

BNI-Central Virginia



Sales Recruiters of Virginia



Rapid Sales Support


Gangplank RVA


American Small Business Research Institute




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