No Dead Fish

handshake dogA firm handshake is a must when networking to send the message that you are confident in western society (in some eastern cultures, a firm handshake is actually offensive). In typical western settings, also be aware of these handshake styles:
  • The Dead Fish: A limp hand with little movement that comes across as whimpish in both men and women.
  • T-Rex Hands: Where the fingers only are offered so a proper handshake is impossible.
  • The Bonecrusher: Typically a male handshake and, whilst usually unintentional, can come across as aggressive and domineering.
  • The Power Shake: No this isn’t a type of smoothie, it’s a controlling handshake which starts off as a normal “web-to-web” shake, and then one party moves their hand on top as soon as the hands are linked; the shaker is endeavoring to assert their superiority.
  • The Double-Grasp: The shaker takes the other’s hand in both of theirs – it can be genuine and warm with people you know, and there’s a danger of seeming insincere with strangers.

CC Image courtesy of DVIDSHUB on Flickr.

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